Line Up :
Ignazio Nicastro: Bass
Angelo Ferrante: Vocals
Giangabriele Lo Pilato: Guitars
Danilo Ficicchia: Drums

Tracklist :
1. A Dying God Walks The Earth
2. Legions
3. Jornada Del Muerto
4. Soulgrinder (feat. Ralph Santolla)
5. Havoc Supreme
6. Where Angels Die
7. Seven Heads
8. Armageddon Genesi (feat. Lee Wollenschlaeger)
9. To The Gates Of The Abyss

Release Year :

Label :
My Kingdom Music

Note :
EVERSIN was born in the late 2008, and in 2010 come the signing for a deal with My Kingdom Music for the release of the first album “Divina Distopia”. The album was followed in 2012 by a new chapter in EVERSIN career, “Tears On The Face Of God”, featuring, as special guest on a song, Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan (Venom, Mpire of Evil). The album receives great feedbacks and permits the band to share the stage with bands like DEATH ANGEL, DESTRUCTION, SUICIDAL ANGELS and to be part of the ROCK OFF TURKEY in Istanbul with MEGADETH and AMON AMARTH.

Also, the band plays at AGGLUTINATION METAL FEST, in Italy, sharing the stage with CARCASS and ENTOMBED. In the meantime the band works on the new album “Trinity: The Annihilation”, out the 29Th May 2015, a big step forward that leads the musical aim of the project towards a completed maturity. The album features Glen Alvelais (Testament, Forbidden) and James Rivera (Helstar) as special guests.

On the August 2015 the band come back to Istanbul to plays for the second time at ROCK OFF TURKEY, sharing the stage with SOULFLY, ANNIHILATOR and KORN. Thanks to the great feedback of “Trinity: The Annihilation”, the band takes part to some of the most important European Metal Fest (ROCKAVARIA in Germany w/ IRON MAIDEN and SLAYER; in Brescia supporting the legend of Thrash Metal EXODUS; as headliner in Athens, at CHANIA ROCK FESTIVAL in Greece w/ BLIND GUARDIAN, SEPTIC FLESH, WARLORD and others).

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