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Finnish doom metal prodigy INFIRMUM has signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the physical CD release of the album “Walls of Sorrow” , set for the 18th of December, 2020.

TimoS from Infirmum stated:
Hello everyone!
I am happy to announce distribution contract between Wormholedeath and Infirmum.
Wormholedeath will distribute Infirmum’s debut-album “Walls of Sorrow” in physical format around the globe continent by continent. I believe Wormholedeath is excellent partner and will help Infirmum to be heard around the globe and gain more fans for this dark but beautiful journey through life. And by the way, soon Infirmum will release another new lyric video from “Walls of Sorrow”.
 Stay dark, stay safe, stay tuned.





Infirmum is a doom metal project founded by finnish artist Timo Solonen in early 2019.

Before Infirmum, Timo had already composed few songs and released an EP under the name of Kuolonkoura. He had to do it because his ‘flame’ was getting bigger and bigger and there wasn’t really any other option than to write music. Since the EP had positive reviews, Timo decided to record and release a full album with the collaboration of professional musicians. That is how his album ” Walls of Sorrow” was born.

Timo Stated: “I guess this is all about love for music and it is healthiest way to express myself. So, Infirmum will guide you through fears and pains and will drag you to darkness just to lift you back alive. Now Infirmum is evolving with Anna Rose as lady vocalist and me being man behind the growls and guitars. To the darkness and back! Stay dark and stay safe” TimoS