The Aristocrats – You Know What…?

Line Up :
Guthrie Govan: guitar
Marco Minneman: drums
Bryan Beller: bass

Tracklist :
01. D Grade Fuck Movie Jam
02. Spanish Eddie
03. When We All Come Together
04. All Said And Done
05. Terrible Lizard
06. Spiritus Cactus
07. The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde
08. Burial At Sea
09. Last Orders

Release Year :

Label :

Note :

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Review by Roberto Tiranti

Three musicians from different countries, but with a common and universal language called music.
Guthrie Govan: guitar
Marco Minneman: drums
Bryan Beller: bass
They are globally recognized as leaders in their respective fields, so I think it’s quite awful to show the same cold and boring curricula.
It’s been about 8 years since that 2011 when they decided to form The Aristocrats, and today we’re talking about their fourth recording effort called “You Know What …? ”, proceeding track by track.
“D Grade Fuck Movie Jam” opens the album, and does it theatrically with a gripping and urgent groove, very seventies and at times funky. Bryan’s work is very interesting, not only in the main riff but also in the solo cues, always supported by an excellent Minneman. Govan never out of place or over the top.
“Spanish Eddie”: a tune with a Spanish flavor, not at all banal or in search of easy stereotypes of Iberian style.
An excellent arrangement of Beller in tapping that leads to a walking bass on which Govan shows off an infinite class through a typical blues only at the end of which the atmosphere is further turned upside-down back towards Spain. Minneman impeccable as always
“When We All Come Together”: a very funny song, bringing the listener into a strange world suspended between Country and Blue Grass with a touch of fifties sounds and Shadows guitars.
Around 3 minutes and 30 the demon or god (your choice!) of the Fusion takes possession of our three heroes and then return shortly after among bucolic sceneries between cows, rodeos and contraband whiskey.
“All Said And Done”: shows us how these Sirs have care and respect for the melody. They wrote a real song, proving not to snub the simplest and most easy aspect of music, given by a good melody, without fear of the term “commercial”
“Terrible Lizard”: and here the madness takes shape in an apparent non-form hypnotic Riff, harmonics choices really risky but never pompous or arrogant. Minneman gives proof of what it means to “play” the drums, and Govan? limitless good taste,  terrific sound control, sensitivity.
“Spiritus Cactus”: it takes us into the desert sand and vaguely Middle Eastern atmospheres. I must say that especially in this song, the sound production and some choices of effects also on the drums, give to the ensemble an extra gear.
Impossible not to be kidnapped by dreamlike atmospheres never predictable.
The Ballad of Bonnie and …”: a very melancholy, enthralling and passionate ternary time piece where once again the melody has a certain importance. Great pathos and energy on the part of all three.
“Burial At Sea”: and here the game gets tough and extremely varied again, with prog atmospheres. A psychedelic line of bass and harmonies worthy of the soundtrack of a film of science fiction. Wonderful moments in which everything calms down, the guitar sound becomes clean and crystalline and then falls back into darkness. As the title suggests, it really seems to go down into the deep sea.
“Last Orders”: at the end of an absolutely compelling album, we have a melodic, passionate and sincere song once again where our three dance harmoniously together, giving us their vision of sound, composition, technical gesture, melodic sense with thesimplicity of those who have nothing to prove.
A great album in which it is easy to understand when these incredible musicians follow a pattern, or when they are jamming without rules. They are three but they give the idea of being a single organism, sometimes they do things that are particularly complicated but without the desire to mess up and / or self-celebrate. Their music exudes joy of life, self-irony and without a doubt, enormous talent supported by constant discipline and commitment.
 “You Know What …? “Will not disappoint you, as long as you have the desire to listen to it by letting yourself go, without asking too many questions.
Sound, mixing